Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We need help!!

That last post just reminded me. We need help, two things.

First off, since moving up here I have yet to find a good taco shop, not mexican restaurant, if anyone knows a good one (i'm willing to drive) let me know. I found one in Kelso, but that is too far. I want a good (real) burrito, I'll hook up whomever can find me one.

Secondly, we desperately need a fridge for the studio, anyone got one that they don't need? We need a little one, our foam cooler is on the fritz...



  1. Duffy
    El Gallo might have little fridge you can have, let me see if it still works it's at our jam space. Great for beers!!!


  2. When are we going to get a preview of this show I am vomiting condoms with anticipation.

  3. Dude. Have you not been up to the Taco truck in Wallingford?
    It's a regular roach coach. i have never eaten there, but it looks like SoCal. It's parked in the donut shop parking lot on 45th. by Latona?
    then theres
    you don't like them?


    3517 rainier ave s