Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Friend Matty V at the Ride Shakedown

Killing it on the interview front.


Ride Shakedown at Snoqualmie from Snowboard Magazine on Vimeo.

Lazer Tits!!!!



Jose Rodriguez III Solo Exhibition

The Purple Razors presents Jose Rodriguez III, debuting in his first solo show (a well deserved show). Jose is a very talented young man who is exploding onto the scene right now, with projects ranging from murals to illustrations for the comic convention to preparing for several upcoming exhibitions. He is the talk of the contemporary scene here in Seattle as well as many other art circles on the West Coast. His mastery in oils is matched by few, and we will be showing his work for your viewing pleasure the first Thursday of April (April 1st). So come on down and check out Jose, you'll be able to say one day that you saw him back when.

Electric Coffin Studio
212 Alaskan Way S
April 1st, 2010

6-10 PM

Cleaning out the Coffin

Electric Coffin will be hosting Cleaning out the Coffin, a show full of amazing artists letting go of some rad inventory for sweet prices. We have run out of room down here to store our loads and loads of work, and so have many of our friends. So come on down and cash in as we bust out some oldies but goodies, priced to sell. The halls will be lined with all kinds of deals from artists such as Duffy, Lem, Solace, Weirdo, Mat Savage, Paper Marbles, Dave Enriquez, Luke Yates, and much more.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boxes of Death: The Coffins

These are available for purchase via online. Each Coffin is 10in x 16in. Email me at for details. Prices and artist are listed with each photo. Photos shot by Pat Wright at


Crystal Fosnaugh $100

Duffy $150

Lem $200

Joey Nix $150

Dave Enriquez $70

Weirdo $150

Shannon ...

Ego Sold

Jose Rodriguez III $250

Paper Marbles and Mat Savage Sold

Ian Duca $100

Akak $150

Chris Hunter $100

Jamie Addington $200

Smurf $50

Brennan Coyle $250

Quincy Quigg Sold

Gustavo nfs

Boxes of Death Opening

Damn, so I am pretty late on getting this stuff posted, but here are some photos from the night's events.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the show, that includes not only the artists but all who came out and checked it out.

There were so many people in our space it was crazy. If you missed it, well then you truly missed it. Check below to see all the carnage that ensued. Coffins are still available to buy via online. Check the previous post to see all the Coffins.


Caught Clean

Back when baggy pants and small wheels and juggling... were cool.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Marginal Way Benefit

Tomorrow the Ride Shakedown is going on, but fuck it, support something local.

Beef related news from Marginal Way: there will be a BBQ / benefit on the 13th of March followed by a Jersey Barrier Battle event. Help raise money for Marginal while enjoying some sweet, sweet sandwiches AND battling for skate supremacy.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Better Friends art show

All of these cats are super talented and you are a fool not to go to this show. I'm sure they will have free beer too...

Fremont’s First Friday at evo’s Timesinfinity art gallery featuring paintings & photography by”Better Friends” - Mat Savage, Tom Coss, Papermarbles and Russ Olson!

When: 6p-10p

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Boxes of Death Preview

Thursday, March 4th.

at Electric Coffin Studio
6-10 PM

20 Artists, 20 Coffins, be there.


Lem's inspiration

Straight from Lem's Desk...


A look at Red Soul

With school wrapping up I had to find something cool to do with a sculpture degree, so I recently began apprenticing down at Red Soul in Georgetown, where Matt Adams builds the coolest of the cool. Here is a quick tour of the shop. Here is the website, check it.

late seventies shovel, my favorite bike in the shop, can't wait til its done...

Monday, March 1, 2010

They were serious...

Don't fuck with this scooter gang!