Wednesday, September 30, 2009

EVO wall mural

We are doing a mural with Spacecaft over at EVO down in Fremont this week. We started Tuesday and I will be finishing up hopefully tomorrow... Things are going good, check EVO's blog for photos, I put up a bunch today with Lem and we will snap some photos tomorrow fo sho!

The mural is for the HTNWWO/Spacecraft Art show on Friday, we will be pirating their art show and hanging some rogue pieces in the gallery because that's what we do! So come check it out.

This link gets you EVO's blog.
And this page gets you Spacecraft's blog with flier info.

Wish we had our own photos, but we are ghetto right now.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Webbed Wheel

Oh shit! New graphics coming soon, here's a sneak peak at one of my favorites. Part of the heshasfuck line.


Funny as hell... and a good idea?

Don't think I haven't already been down to the bank...


Ratrod Volvo Project

Growing up in the southwest I have always had a soft spot for hotrods, pin ups, customs, old cars, grease, etc, etc. As a teenager I worked in customs shop and devoted several hours and dollars into my truck.

Moving up here I sought out other passions in my life, pushing those wrench turning urges below. I started to snowboard regularly, skate everyday and picked up a surfboard, beginning a new chapter.

Now after many years up here I am melding the two together, embracing my roots and adapting them to my new lifestyle. The result, The Purple Razors, and now introducing the official Purple Razors Ratrod...

This volvo is gonna kill it, there is a whole lot of mods going into this thing, and it will get me to the hill, the coast and damn well to the skate park. So check back to witness this thing become the beast it damn well deserves to be.


Bear spotting

These cute little guys were spotted down in South Lake Union...


Monday, September 21, 2009


I got some T-shirts left over from the Bad News Bears Show, they are siiiick, come get one while they are still around, not very many left.


Purple Razors do Ceramics? What?

Going to school is a wonderful thing. Still being in school, makes me a happy camper, I can't wait for classes to start up next week.

One thing I love about school is the opportunity to learn something new, and last year I found ceramics, it has been a passion of mine since then, combining my style with in an art form so different yet so compatible stokes me out.

In the past I have drawn a distinct line between my public art work and gallery work from my ceramics. However lately I have combined to two, in the effort to have some pieces for my next show (Heshasfuck) so here is a sneak preview at a pitcher I made for Ali.


Goodwill Paint sessions

Goodwill is an awesome place, one in which you can spend the same amount of money on one canvas at an art store, or several treasures there. And treasures are way more fun to paint on. Here are some of the things we have been working on at art night down at the Purple Razors AC headquarters. Enjoy.

Lem - Peacock on Ceramic
Duffy - El Corazon on a box
Front view


Newman Rules!

Last night I painted down at Nectar with some real talented people for a good friend's birthday party. Thanks for the good time Nick! and thanks to Darin Schuler, Angel 179 and Solace for sitting down and letting me paint with you guys. I had a blast. Hope to get photos soon

In the meantime always remember... Newman Rules!


Friday, September 18, 2009


Purple Razors are HeshasFuck! Coming soon...


Progress on the Pulp Series

This is one that I am really excited about, this is a four piece collage series that I assembled a couple months back and have started painting on. It's gonna be rad! Check the latest progress.


The Blanks Series

This series is one I did a while ago and have shown a couple of times, but has never been posted in its entirety, so here it is.

Available- $150
Available- &75
Available- $150
Available- $70


Been doing the photo booth gig with Pete lately, damn it sure is fun. Check Pete out, looking good and check out the photo booth at and the D list golden ticket parties here.


Bad News Bear Show Set up

I'm sure you all are wondering how the show went? Well it went well, Pat shot a ton of photos of all the action, these are not those! Here are some shots of prepping for the show. Enjoy, and I will get those others posted soon.


Thursday, September 17, 2009


Lem and I kicked off the Purple Razors first official Collective event last month at Seattle's Artoleptic. It was a ton of fun, we painted, we hung out, we took photos, we made a splash into the scene, well Lem did... Here are some photos, we have worked up a ton of new stuff since this event, and as the sole two members of The Purple Razors, we are gearing up to kill it with some ridiculous projects coming up. Stay tuned. And thanks to Shaina for getting us involved.

DuffyShirts were kinda popular
Getting the damn thing going
Our cubby hole
Lem getting artsy at artoleptic
Torry and Lem hanging outSanger just killing it!

Catching up- First thursday photos

I have been slacking! Damn I have been busy too, so here we are catching up on what you all have missed. First Thursday (from three months ago...) Here are some photos of the night.