Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ratrod Volvo Project

Growing up in the southwest I have always had a soft spot for hotrods, pin ups, customs, old cars, grease, etc, etc. As a teenager I worked in customs shop and devoted several hours and dollars into my truck.

Moving up here I sought out other passions in my life, pushing those wrench turning urges below. I started to snowboard regularly, skate everyday and picked up a surfboard, beginning a new chapter.

Now after many years up here I am melding the two together, embracing my roots and adapting them to my new lifestyle. The result, The Purple Razors, and now introducing the official Purple Razors Ratrod...

This volvo is gonna kill it, there is a whole lot of mods going into this thing, and it will get me to the hill, the coast and damn well to the skate park. So check back to witness this thing become the beast it damn well deserves to be.


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