Monday, June 28, 2010

Marginal Way: a brief History

Even if you don't skate, here is a project that can inspire us all, a true sense of getting what you want in life and building not only a skatepark, but a community.

click here to watch the video

8 Max PE shallow bowl

From Bali With Love @ Electric Coffin

This post is really really late, but very important.

Don't miss out this Thursday, July 1st.

Exhibition and Fund Raiser at Electric Coffin Studio
Pioneer Square 1st Thursday Art Walk
July 1, 2010 | OK Hotel | 212 Alaskan Way S, Seattle


Bali, Indonesia, a magical place full of mystery and discovery. Presenting
a selection of images bringing you the warmth the people of Bali share.
To resonate the power and mental cleansing one feels by being there.
From the great gods in the hills bringing hope, to the demons all
Balinese fear in the sea; this is a land where love for family and friends
runs paramount. With these images I hope to bring the same
inspirations for life I discovered on my journey.

Proceeds from the sale of prints will help fund my next trip,
a citizen journalism assignment to Guatemala in July.

Working with Salaam Garage and Agros International, I will document
efforts being made to help rural Mayan farmers obtain land ownership
and build sustainable communities in civil war and natural disaster
stricken areas. Photos from the trip will be used to raise awareness
through social media, helping to break the cycle of poverty for rural
families of Guatemala and Central America.

Large Prints: $50 Small Prints: $25
Donations to help support our efforts can also be made.

Stay tuned for more about this trip, ways to buy prints and ways for
you to help at Share and get involved!

Who I am going with:

Our mission:

These Eyes

Grip it and Rip it

Skate art show next Saturday, we have some work in it, don't let the flier fool you, the show is actually really good.


Do you like Soundgarden?

How can you not?, well even if you don't like their music you have to respect what they have done historically in music.

On that note, for first Thursday July 1st, the main gallery in the OK Hotel will be featuring a show with Ben Shepherd from Sound Garden, in which he will be playing an acoustic set. The show also includes other talented artists, Ryan Crase, Vanessa Fiola, Spencer Moody (from Murder City Devils), and Scarlett Lam.
Come out to Electric Coffin to see "From Bali with Love" but make sure you stop upstairs and see this show.


Some arty photos from Utility

Leave it up to my friend Ryan Davis to take some arty retro, hipstomatic photos of everything. Here are some photos from last weeks exhibition "Utility".


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Oh and I will be grilling corn (and meat) But come check out my newest collection of Re-purposed furniture.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Breast @ Ouchmyeye Gallery


BREAST - celebrating the culture of the bosom

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 26th, 7pm - 11pm
Artwalk Reception: Thursday, July 1st, 6pm-10pm
Exhibition: June 26th - July 25th, 2010

Inspired by the recent grand opening of nearby strip club, and the rumor of a Hooters in our neighborhood, Ouch My Eye presents an art show to commemorate America’s favorite body part. BREAST is an exhibition celebrating not only the sinuous physical form but also the significance and transformation of its cultural representation throughout modern history. Artists were encouraged to interpret the broad theme of BREAST creatively and unabashed. (not recommended for children under 18).

Artists Include: Naveen Ahmed, Mark Aoyama, Clif Baldwin, Michael Chandler, Rebecca Chernow, Zachary Corum, Chris Crites, Patrick Duffy, Flatchestedmama, John A. Gascon, Mearle Gates, Marty Gordon, Chris Gray, Molly Haas, Don Haggerty, Mark Kaufman, Joseph Keppler, Scott Kuehner, Maurice Labrecque, Wyatt Landis, Tad Lauritzen Wright, David Lohman, Rachael Mamane, Marc Palm, Bailey Russel, Serrah Russel, Nick Shiflet, Angela Thompson, Margo Valentine, Victoria Vanbruinisse, Alyssa Volpigno, Joshua Waters

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Music Scene

Trippy Weird Shit, but rad too!

"The Music Scene" from Anthony Francisco Schepperd on Vimeo.

Kore Ionz summer schedule


Aloha . How you doing? Got exciting plans for the summer? Kore Ionz have teamed up with producer Mell Dettmer (Clinton Fearon and the Boogie Brown Band) and will be spending most of the summer recording our next album at Aleph Studios, right here in Seattle. For this one we'll be bringing in a horn section, a couple of lead guitarists, and some special guests that we can't announce just yet. And of course, in between all the studio work we'll be firing up the BBQ grill, getting some sun, chilling by the lake, and playing some exciting live shows coming up in less than a month! Hope to see you real soon. Photo: Kore Ionz at University of Washington opening for Common, 5/21/10.


We sometimes wonder what the world would be like today if Bob Marley was still alive. What kind of international work would he be doing (in addition to performing live) to promote unity, justice, and one love for all humanity? Would there be less government corruption? Would there be less children dying of starvation? We can only wonder. Today, The Wailers are still on an Exodus, moving the people under the leadership of one of music history's greats - Bob's original bass player, Aston "Family Man" Barrett. Because what would reggae music be without the bass?

Kore Ionz perform with The Wailers on TUES JULY 6 at Neumos, 8 pm, $20 ADV, 21+


Katchafire is an all-Maori New Zealand reggae band that started as a Bob Marley tribute band in 1997. Since releasing three albums of original music, Katchafire has gained immense popularity in Hawai'i, becoming the first band from outside the islands to headline both nights of KCCN FM100's Birthday Bash at the Waikiki Shell, the biggest summer concert event of the year. Katchafire is synonymous with Hawaiian culture and when they arrive in Seattle in July, the Showbox at the Market will transform into a sold-out island oasis for the masses of Polynesians that now make the Pacific Northwest their home.

Kore Ionz perform at Summerfest '10 with Katchafire and Island Bound SAT JULY 10 at Showbox at the Market, 8 pm, $30 ADV, All Ages

Hint: If you purchase tickets to this show through Ticketmaster online, you will end up paying roughly $48 per ticket. Purchase 1 of 500 "kama'aina" priced tickets at one of our local vendors and pay only $30 per ticket, with no extra surcharges. Kokua and support local businesses. Click here to see a list of our community partners.


The 36th Annual Ballard SeafoodFest is a celebration of just one of the many reasons why it is great to live in the Pacific Northwest: SEAFOOD! Seafood vendors, non-profits, supporters of the maritime industry, environmental activists, and arts and crafts vendors will take over downtown Ballard for a weekend of salmon, shrimp, and sun. The mainstage features a handful of local acts that are making big waves in the Seattle music scene, including country-rockers The Maldives, folk-rocker Kristen Ward, and Brazilian recording artist and MusicianCorps Seattle fellow Eduardo Mendonca.

Kore Ionz perform on the Main Stage SUN JULY 11 at the 36th Annual Ballard SeafoodFest, 1:15 pm, FREE, All Ages

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Go Skate Day

I'll be there, you better be there too!


Sick knuckle from Love Cycles

Still waiting to get my bike back from the shop, although it is not a knuckle, so in the meantime all I can do is post photos of inspiration.


Close up

The De la Torre Brothers

These guys make some bad ass glass art, mixing traditional mexican culture and lore with a modern twist. If you ever have the chance to see it, don't miss out.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Hyper Violence: the art

Here are some shots of the art.


If interested in any pieces, contact me for availability.
Baby BrowningCeramic wrench, ceramic broken bottle

Vintage Lem art
Souless Wonder
Saturday night special
ceramic brass knuckles and shank
ceramic broken bottle
ceramic baseball bat w/ nails
My gun is quick
Love Lost
Hyper Violenceceramic brass knuckles and switchblade
Death comes reaping
ceramic hatchet
Baby browning

Hyper Violence Opening

Friday night was the opening reception of Hyper Violence, the latest show of new works from Electric Coffin founders Duffy and Lem Bartley. The show was held at evo, many came and saw, if you missed it check below for photos. Thanks to all that came out and DJ Bobby Trendy for heading up the audio portion and evo for having us. And thanks Pat Wright for some sweet photos.