Monday, June 28, 2010

From Bali With Love @ Electric Coffin

This post is really really late, but very important.

Don't miss out this Thursday, July 1st.

Exhibition and Fund Raiser at Electric Coffin Studio
Pioneer Square 1st Thursday Art Walk
July 1, 2010 | OK Hotel | 212 Alaskan Way S, Seattle


Bali, Indonesia, a magical place full of mystery and discovery. Presenting
a selection of images bringing you the warmth the people of Bali share.
To resonate the power and mental cleansing one feels by being there.
From the great gods in the hills bringing hope, to the demons all
Balinese fear in the sea; this is a land where love for family and friends
runs paramount. With these images I hope to bring the same
inspirations for life I discovered on my journey.

Proceeds from the sale of prints will help fund my next trip,
a citizen journalism assignment to Guatemala in July.

Working with Salaam Garage and Agros International, I will document
efforts being made to help rural Mayan farmers obtain land ownership
and build sustainable communities in civil war and natural disaster
stricken areas. Photos from the trip will be used to raise awareness
through social media, helping to break the cycle of poverty for rural
families of Guatemala and Central America.

Large Prints: $50 Small Prints: $25
Donations to help support our efforts can also be made.

Stay tuned for more about this trip, ways to buy prints and ways for
you to help at Share and get involved!

Who I am going with:

Our mission:

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