Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New snowboard by Lem

Snowboard graphics have really gone to shit these days, aside for a few sweet collaborations and some really gnarly imagery from capita, I am not impressed. Where is the metal? Where is the evil? Don't get me wrong, I know snowboarding is fun, and I like to have fun, but when I look down at my board I want to get pumped, not in touch with my emotions. All these damn emo, hippie dippy, boring shred sticks suck. So I talked to Lem and he said he'd hook it up.

Here is what his demented mind came up with...


PS I won't actually be riding this board, because in all actuality it is an old board I had laying around the house. But we will be printing whole top sheets with Reed over at so check back to peep how those turn out.