Monday, October 5, 2009

Friday Night at EVO

This past Friday Night was the Premier for How The Northwest Was One and Spacecraft/Purple Razors art exhibition. It was a rowdy ol time with a wild west theme, art, photobooth, and free beer. EVO quickly met capacity, the line wrapped around the building, people snuck in through windows, all to look at my artwork... and maybe the movie and free beer too... oh and Spacecraft. Here are some photos of the good times.

The Crowd
The gallery, before the mayhem
Satan Approved
Quatro Amigos de muertes
Purple Razors Jacket (official)
Secret Purple Razor Stefan Hoffman also the man behind Spacecraft
Trevor "the man Phillips", Kurt "also the man" Jenson, Eric "he 's a man too" Brandt
Maxx Von Marbod having a great time
Pete Saari and Dani Tomlinson .
Drea, Banshee, Duffy and Wavis

For more photos of the evening and the Photobooth shots check out Pat Wright's page here.

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