Monday, November 9, 2009

The Purple Razors Family and Friend Show

Well, it was a great night, I broke out due to stress (which I tried to drink away with whiskey and tea), we tapped the keg, had the most crowded studio in the building, and the art was pretty sick to boot.

For all of those who didn't make it, well, your loss, however, because I am cool. Here are the photos to prove how rad it was, hopefully you can get a similar experience as if you were here sans the beer.

Stay tuned for December in which Lem Bartley will be debuting in a solo exhibition full of weird, wonderful imagery that will tickle all of your senses, especially your naughty ones... no it won't be a bunch of paintings of naked girls... well...

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, enjoy the photos below and feel free to contact us about pieces still for sale.

All photos shot by Pat Wright and Greg Miller


  1. fart party! take off this damn captcha thing. it is annoying as hell. NOT TRIFE.