Sunday, November 29, 2009

Picture of the Week

Welcome to our newest feature here on the Purple Razors Blog.

Basically, we spend a lot of time down here in Pioneer Square, and we see a lot of weird shit, and cool shit, and we thought "why not share this with our friends?" So Lem went out on Black Friday and stood in line for nine hours to get a cheap ass camera so we can start documenting. We are coming up in the world.

Most people don't believe our stories of hanging out in the underground cities, seeing fights at the bar, and spotting chicks pissing in the ally. Well no more, we have proof.

So without further ado the first picture of the week.
Here we have some sweet paste art in our ally.

This sick ass vespa had a custom wheel cover for the spare tire that matched the seat.

Better photos coming soon


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