Monday, September 13, 2010

Minneapolis has Art!

After my my sudden axing from Snowboard Magazine I found myself roaming about the country as a free agent doing whatever the fuck I wanted. Part of me wanted to lock myself in my room and listen to the cure while crying and masturbating, but mostly I just ended up skateboarding and looking at art. Every time I end up back home in the nitty gritty better of the two twins cities I go by the Intermedia Arts building for a quick glance at the outside walls. Since I can remember Intermedia has been giving artist a place to bomb walls without being cuffed by MPLS PD. They also host a bunch of good underground Hip-Hop shows and this was the first place I ever witnessed Brother Ali and Binary Star do their thing live. Make Art Not War and Build Ramps Not Bombs, and all that other hippie shit!

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