Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Slash in the New Year Photo Recap

For all you that didn't make it out to the gorefest, well, as usual your loss. Here are the photos to prove how good of a time you missed.

We are getting big time, just so you know, 13 artists, Dave Duncan rolled through, Peter Line checked out the art, as well as about 150 to 200 other folks.

All the art was good, however Jose Rodriguez III rose above the rest, watch out for this kid to blow up real soon, like tomorrow soon.

The party got started early at the Electric Coffin Studio and rolled right on through closing straight over to the Central, like always (we were too drunk to get any photos of that part...)

So sit back, relax, check the photos from the night, and stay tuned for Gallery shots coming soon, the announcement of our February show, and listings of what art is still available to buy.


The sign to look for if you want a good time in Pioneer SquareQuincy knows we he likes...Torrey's red eyes look creepy.
Joe aka AKAKLem and Benny T were poking around too.
Matty V and Pete
Duffy, Huntz, Lindsay, and Dave Duncan
Everyone was in good spirits, especially Jeff
Fuzzy photo, Luke and Clayton are perplexed and excited
Hallway Party
You know Barry was there
Quigg's Train to Hell

Quincy Quigg

Jose "Joey" Rodriguez III and Chips 1Clayton, Peter, and lady friend
Art from Asher Bowers
Duffy and Stefan Hofmann
Lem's artwork
Matty V and Duffy
More from Lem
Lot's of folks


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